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Red Velvet Pattern  box

Available : In Stock

Price: Rs 1499

Delivery charge - Rs 180(delhi/ncr), Rs 275(rest of india), Pick up- free

Chocolates: Assorted 15 pcs 

Chocolics, New Delhi - 110049

P: +919811591346  

E: info@chocolics.in






Q: What is the shelf life for your products? 

A: These premium chocolates do not contain preservatives and are best enjoyed within 4-8 weeks of delivery. For best results, store chocolates in a place that is dry, 16ºC and free of any other odors.



Q: Should I store the chocolates in the refrigerator?

A: No. Chocolate is best stored at cool room temperatures (15-18°C), well wrapped to keep moisture out, and away from highly scented foods or products that might be absorbed by the chocolate.  Refrigeration will change the appearance of the chocolate, specifically, the condensation that forms when it is taken from the refrigerator will cause sugar bloom on the chocolate’s surface.



Q: Is the color on the chocolate safe to eat?

A: Yes, an edible pigment is used to color the chocolates and my limited palette is FDA Approved for use with food.



Q: What is the lead time for larger, custom orders?

A: Three to four weeks lead time is appreciated as our chocolates are handmade to order and the packaging is often customized. 



Q: How do I pay for more my order?

A: Invoicing and payment through bank transfer.



Q: How do I place a wholesale order?

A: To place a wholesale order, please email us.



Q: Does Chocolics do home delivery?

A: For smaller orders, we charge a nominal delivery charge, based on your location. Ofcourse, you are welcome to pick up your chocolates for free from our site.



Q: Why should I buy from Chocolics instead of branded chocolates?

A: Branded chocolates are mass produced in chocolate factories. This means that the chocolates are not fresh when you get them, and nearly all contain preservatives and harmful chemicals. At Chocolics, we prepare your chocolates fresh and customised. All our chocolates, being hand made, are of better quality that manufactured chocolates. We also offer a range of attractive customisable gift wrapping options, which is not available with pre-packaged branded chocolates.





"Excellent quality, very well packed within our budget thankyou Chocolics"-  Sunita Nath